Industry Jobs sub-section of this website comprises of the List of Industries and other production Sectors of the Economy within and outside the country. Latest Recruitment Link Team will be publishing articles/ information regarding both servicing and production industry jobs for the benefit of both job seekers and business investors globally. Actually, we've considered this also important as part of our selfless online services because it is very necessary and advisable that one should should have the idea of the industries and sectors of the economy operating. However, following our researches so far, we've realized that so many small scale business owners absolutely have no idea of the particular industry and economic sector they operate under.

Importantly, as an entrepreneur it is very pertinent you know very much about the industrial and statistical updates in your business area and their resultant competition effects in your business area and the market n general. Obviously, knowing about this list of industries will help you to position yourself and business to withstand competitions and for successful growth in return. Nigeria industries and sectors of the economy are as follow;

Typical list of Industries in Nigeria;

  1. Government Industry
  2. Telecommunication Industry
  3. Legal services Industry
  4. Construction Industry
  5. Food processing Industry
  6. Consulting Industry
  7. Gambling Industry
  8. Retail sales Industry
  9. Franchising Industry
  10. Real estate Industry
  11. Education Industry
  12. Pharmaceuticals Industry
  13. Hospitality/Tourism Industry
  14. Mass media Industry
  15. Healthcare/hospitals Industry
  16. Public health Industry
  17. Information technology Industry
  18. Waste disposal Industry
  19. Banking Industry Industry
  20. Insurance Industry
  21. Financial services Industry
  22. FMCG Industry

The Sectors of the Nigerian Economy;

Also, the economic sector in Nigeria are sub-divided into three, Viz:

  1. The  Economic sector
  2. The secondary  Economic sector
  3. The tertiary  Economic sector

The primary  Economic sector;

The Primary  Economic Sector is the sector of the economy which makes direct use of natural resources. Under this Economic sector we have
  1. First, Agriculture
  2. Forestry and fishing
  3. Mining
  4. Extraction of oil and gas etc.

The secondary sector;

Secondary sector of the industry converts the products created by the primary economic sector into finished products which are thereby made  available to direct consumers. In some cases, products from this sectors are further passed through the Tertiary sectors before consumption.

Generally, The Secondary sectors are broadly sub- divided into:

•    Light industry and
•    Heavy industry

In general, these industries are known to be capital and energy intensive. Due to this, they  consume large amount of energy and needs factories and machinery in order to carry out the operations of  converting  the raw materials into finished goods for consumption.

The tertiary sector

This sector of the economy comprises of those sectors which make use of  both human and mental efforts to contribute to the economic developments of the nation's economy.

Expect from us update on each of the above Industrial sector job recruitment shortly.

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